Annie Bacon

Haunting melodies and carefully orchestrated harmonies.”

— Earmilk


New album from Annie bacon available JULY 19th

After nearly two decades in San Francisco, folk singer-songwriter Annie Bacon recently relocated her family to Michigan for a fresh perspective. In the truest spirit of Americana, she’s recording an album along the way: from San Francisco, to Nashville, to her new home of Ann Arbor. Her seventh effort with her OSHEN, Nothing Stays the Same (available August 2019), Bacon explores themes of heartbreak, change, mental health, and dissolution of ego while returning to her original intent as an artist -- to foster connection.

“In each song’s case, the team of musicians is built around one idea: honor the connections,” says Bacon.“This means I’m working with people new and old who I adore, who treat people well, and who are capable of deep connection with the musical gods. I’m also collaborating with artist friends for each of the songs to create an original piece of visual art. Some are photographs, paintings, some are videos meant to deepen the connection in a visual manner.”

The 14 track Nothing stays the same is the most complete expression of the sound Bacon has been chasing with her OSHEN for a decade. Folk-rock roots twist around the country edge of Americana while wide emotional arcs rise and fall. Song of heartbreak and loneliness are balanced with a sermon of tenderness towards oneself, and a philosophical meditation on the meaning of Lou Reed's life. Two guest vocalists appear (Rachel Garcia of The Singer & The Songwriter and Meryl T. Press) to breathe new dimension into Annie's lyrical melodies. The album is meant to connect - each song to its own universe of lonely hearts, but also together to the ardent need so many of us share to be seen.

Seven of the tracks were engineered and produced by Paul Defiglia (Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim) at his Sensitive Sound studio in Nashville. Longtime collaborators Omar Cuellar (Facing New York, Adam Haworth Stephens), Tal Ariel (Max Park), Meryl Press (Marc & the Casuals, Hope Sandoval, Paula Frasier), Elizabeth Greenblatt and James Nash (the Waybacks) all make appearances, with Press taking the lead on one track. Dear friends, old friends and new collaborators - including Jon Radford (Lily Hiatt), Rachel Garcia & Thu Tran (The Singer & The Songwriter), Thomas Bryan Eaton (Miss Tess) and others - round out the tracks.


Nothing Stays The Same (digital)

Annie Bacon

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