Andrew Grimm

It’s all damn good. Slotting between Americana, roots and rock. A good example of forgetting labels and letting the music speak for itself. And it really does. Loudly.”

— Music Republic Magazine


June Star @ June Star @ Waverly Brewing

June Star @ Waverly Brewing, Baltimore, MD

June Star plays their last home town show for 2022! After 163 days on the road... they drag their sad asses back to Baltimore... playing one of America's finest breweries... Waverly Brewing.

Joining us will be:
Girls on Grass (Brooklyn)
Brenton Garis
Red Means Run (Philadelphia)

June Star

Baltimore Maryland’s June Star (Andrew Grimm and Dave Hadley), with aching vocals and plaintive folk arrangements, comes off like a Smog-era Bill Callahan if he had chosen to dive inward or The Jayhawks if they were more keen to stark emotional realism. Grimm’s rich baritone voice and Hadley’s atmospheric, elegiac pedal steel  brings a time-honored aesthetic to their unique tales of fractious love and quixotic anxiety. June Star has performed in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC and West Virginia.

“While band members have come and gone over the years, Grimm has consistently remained authentic and faithful to his muse. With the help of pedal steel maestro, Dave Hadley, June Star has conjured a stripped-down, acoustic based EP that summons answers to some of life’s toughest lessons, deftly and passionately wrapped in plaintive, exacting songs about waking up one day and not knowing just how long you’ve been there and when you “arrived.”
With aching vocals and wistful arrangements, Arrival begs an audience of naked emotion with a level of confidence that could only sit in the hands of a seasoned writer and performer like Andrew Grimm. Armed with a voice that whispers in your ear –  seductive, secretive and confessional. Combined with Hadley’s atmospheric steel, spinning unique tales of unmanageable love, modern anxiety, growing older, and dark optimism in the face of tragedy, Arrival delivers the listener to it’s desired destination without any unscheduled stops or layovers. The time for those distractions, is well and truly over.” Rocking Magpie
“June Star is that band you won’t believe you’re just now hearing about.  With a bulls-eye Americana style, thoughtful lyrics, brilliant guitar, and the most gentle heartfelt harmonies you’ve ever heard, you’re sure to put June Star on repeat. They’ll make you cry the best cathartic tears.  Dig through the back catalogue, and plan to go see them in the new fangled distancing era.” Americana Highways
" review of the show? So good. Just guitar, vocals, pedal steel/steel guitar, and "songs about love." his voice is so distinctive. strong, rich, nasally, nuanced. shades of one of my favorite voices, Richard Buckner, but uniquely his own. his lyrics hint of an English Literature professor but in the very very best of ways. layered, twisty, often veiled just enough to make you think or wonder. At one point in the show, he spoke of how from 1985 until 2006 all he listened to was Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. (*maybe, we could ask him to write an AOTW feature. seriously. Clams, send him an e-mail) he played "Romeo had Juliet" (bleep) then he played "Waitin For My Man" and said it was what it would sound like if Lou Reed and Jimmie Rodgers had a baby. this was GENIUS."  Three Dimes Down (Chicago, Illinois)

Benton Garis and Band

Brenton is a long simmering songwriting talent from the Baltimore area! Collaborating with a host of folks to breathe life into songs and performances.

Girls on Grass

Since releasing their sophomore LP Dirty Power (featuring songs that figured on several DJ best-of lists) in 2019, Girls on Grass have downsized to a trio with original members Barbara Endes (vocals, guitar), Nancy Polstein (drums, vocals) and Dave Mandl (bass) and toured the northeast and southeast US. In January 2020, they returned to the studio to record songs for a 7" single, released October 30, 2020. The A-side is "Spill Your Guts": a roots-pop plea to listeners to be true to themselves (through the re-telling of Endes's coming-out story). The B-side is the punk-spaghetti-western "Who's Gonna Cry" which spawned a stop-animation video featuring the band as puppets heralding the fall of a certain maligned politician.

Red Means Run

We stole our name from Neil Young’s “Powderfinger”. After going round and round for months on a name, we were reduced to stealing. And if you’re going to steal, do so from one of the best.

A lot of people don’t like the term “alt-country” but I always have. Uncle Tupelo, Steve Earle, Whiskeytown, The Bottle Rockets, The Jayhawks, Wilco, Son Volt, The Waco Brothers, Old 97’s…these are all bands that I love and have defined the genre Red Means Run squarely fall into. Rock with a twang or as I like to say, “country songs with feedback”.

We recorded our first EP, All Things Said and Done, in 2013 at Milkboy Studios in Philadelphia. A 5 song recording session that features 4 songs that I wrote and our version of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”. I like to think of the songs on this record as snapshots of people struggling through the enduring themes of love, loss, heartache and redemption. We played a ton of shows and got to play with some really great bands along the way.

We went back to Milkboy in Philly in late 2015 to record our follow up EP, Love of Blindness. A collection of 5 songs that barnstorm their way across the country rock spectrum. We even got a waltz in there. Albeit the loudest waltz you’ve ever heard.

We’ll be taking these songs and some new ones up and down the East Coast in 2021.
Hope to see you there.

Andrew Grimm, the lead creative force in the band June Star has been an Americana, alt-country band slinging songs in Baltimore bars (and beyond) since 1998. 

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