Don Duprie - 'Love of a Mother'

'Love of a Mother'

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Detroit songwriter don 'doop' duprie releases free single

May 8th, 2019 - Detroit, MI


Detroit area songwriter Don Duprie has released a free single today via the WhistlePig Records website.

The song called ‘Love Of A Mother’ was written as a tribute to the special love that a mother has for her children and was penned recalling the strong women that Duprie witnessed as he grew up in the working-class town of River Rouge.

“Don’s dining room table is ground-zero for the songwriting scene in Detroit”, says Bunky Hunt, who produced the single and is producing Duprie’s new album. 

Don, or ‘Doop’ as he’s known among musicians also wrote the song, “What Am I Supposed to Do” on the Whitey Morgan album, “Hard Times and White Lines” released last fall.

Duprie chose to release Love Of A Mother for free before Mother’s Day along with a poem:


You are the tree

And we are the branches 

You are the core 

That helps our advancement

Always stand strong 

Through wind and the rain

Giving your fruit 

You never hesitate 

To take care of many 

In tough circumstances 

You are the tree

And we are the branches


Hunt explains that the new album will have a haunting personal feel and will be different from the hook-laden anthems of his previous albums.

“I approached Bunk with these songs because he loves our songwriting community and works his ass off to make others sound great.” Duprie said in a statement. “He cares about us and that really means the world to me”. 


Listen and download “Love Of A Mother” in the link below.




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